Šipan, raj na zemlji

All Croatian islands are nice, but if you visit Dubrovnik, discover the charm of the largest Elaphite Island (deer’s islands); Šipan. You need only one hour and 30 minutes by boat from Dubrovnik, for escaping the urban life and getting to Sipanska Luka, where people still live in a way their ancestors. Suđurađ is one of two inhabited settlements. Šipan is separated from the coast by the Koločep Channel and is surrounded with several islets. It is known for its numerous bays, crystal sea and a variety of fish specie. Most of the island is taken by the Šipan Field where olives, grapevine and figs are being grown.

In the past, this area was very famous and recognized by Dubrovnik’s nobility in time of Dubrovnik’s Republic. Peace and picturesque countryside, its beauty, it was enough that nobility built their villas. They built 44 mansions and 32 churches on the island. The prettiest among them are the palace of the family Skocibuha in Sudjuradj and dukes summer palace in Sipanska Luka.

In the old times, about 2000 people lived on the island. Today there are about 300, only 120 residents, mostly in Sipanska Luka. The entire island had 32 medieval churches, but most of them are in ruins. In Suđurađ, in vicinity of the port is a renaissance castle of the Stjepović-Skočibuha family. There is also the Pakljena Tower and St. Spirit Church.

You will be delighted by crystal clear sea, pine woods and rich history of the island full of myths and legends.

Cypresses, palm trees, mediterranean plants, large fields of vineyards, it is island of Šipan.

Spend your dream vacation here. The island’s beauty, nature and silence are the reason why many people choose to stay here and spend their vacation on this beautiful island.

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