Omiš and “Pirate Battle”

Ancient town of Omiš is a small Central Dalmatian town and harbour located between Split and Makarska. It is a town where the river of Cetina blends with the sea. Beautiful town of Omiš is surrounded with massive gorges and it is situated in the mouth of the river of Cetina. The town has its history and you can see it on every corner.

One of the famous tradition is the Omiš manifestation “Pirate Battle” and we can tell that is an attractive summer performance. Through this manifestation, the town acquires a brand as an ancient pirate town and more than 12 000 people are present that day.

This spectacle is more important than the historical facts. Good spectacle, entertainment, nice food, summer and tourists expect it every year.

The Pirate`s Battle is unique. It is a reconstruction of the original battle from the 13 century. For this event members of “Kumpanije” from Korčula, Trombonists from Dubrovnik and Omiš`s Pirates come to Omiš. The battle describes the Venetians led by fleet commander Akoncije against the pirates. The battle takes place in Omiš port where the Omiš`s pirates won after many and hard battles. They ordered the Venetians to pay in gold ducats for their passage along Brač Channel.

The inhabitants of Omiš were excellent seamen.

During the Middle Ages Omiš was infamous for its pirates whose ships brought fame to them. The ships were built for attack and fast return into the mouth of the river of Cetina and they were protecting the town from foreign invasion.

“Pirate Battle” is a historical battle to remember.

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