Nin, a Croatian Bethlehem

Nin is a Croatian Bethlehem…yess

Nin is the oldest Croatian royal town. An exceptional type of city -church complex, it is unique in the entire Mediterranean region. Nin was one of the main settlements of the Liburnians until the arrival of the Roman conquerors, and since then the proud Municipium named Aenona. You can see the Gothic Chapel of St. Marcella, the Church of St. Ambros (13th c.), St. Cross Church (9th c.) – the smallest Cathedral in the world, the Pre-Romanesque Church of St. Nicholas (12th c).

You can come here to rest and have fun, the history will enchant you with its rich legacy of stories at almost every corner.

Nin`s sand beaches represent an ideal place for families with small children and old people to rest. The small town of Nin is located in a shallow lagoon about 14 km away from the regional centre Zadar.

The medicinal peloid of Nin has served the curative purposes since the Roman times till now. It has the physical, mechanic and chemical effect. The shallow seawater warmed by sun offers the continuation of the thermo therapy of various rheumatic illnesses, foremost at various spine malformations and the consequently resulting troubles, of female sterility and of various skin diseases. The therapy is applied in a very pleasant natural environment as well as the following bathing and swimming in the very warm seawater.