Nerezisca – a stone jewel

The Brac Island is located in the central Dalmatia. With the surface of almost 400 km2, Brac is the third largest Croatian island and the largest island in Dalmatia. In the heart of the island of Brac, lies a village of Nerežišća. It is fascinating and wondrous blend of natural wealth, true cultural and historical treasures. In the past, Nerežišća was a capital of the island.The review of historical documents reveals that Nerežišća, enthroned in the year 1000. by Venetian doge Peter II. Orseolo, have been an economic, administrative and religious center of the island for more than eight centuries. Today they are inhabited with about one thousand people involved in the livestock and stone masonry.

Looking villages Nerežišća, Donji Humac and Dračevica – none is situated on the coast.

Among many natural beauties, I must mention the largest shelter of Aleppo pine in the entire Mediterranean region. It is located on the western slopes of the Vidova mount. Vidova mount, the highest insular mountain peak on the entire Adriatic, is a favorite destination and it offers a beautiful view. The view from the top stretch far and wide over the Zlatni Rat Beach, the island of Hvar and over Peljesac peninsula.
I also can recommend the Blaca desert, a former clerical refugee from the Turkish invasion and now a museum, has become a gemstone of inestimable cultural and historical value.

Of a particular significance you can find there picturesque churches, built in the period from 11th to 18th century. The most impressive is the Parish church, called the Cathedral of Brač due to its beautiful baroque facade and sumptuous interior. A special curiosity and a real treasure for historians and connoisseurs is the famous Dragon’s Cave. Scientists want to explain with the meaning of interesting and mystical reliefs, which apparently unite Slavic myths with early Christian symbols.

Nerežišća is a an oasis of natural beauty.

Island of Brac is famous for its olive oil, lamb, sheep cheese fresh fish. Viticulture has always been important part of the island’s economy.It is still very important today. The south slopes of the island have a terrain and orientation very similar to that of Dingac on the Peljesac peninsula.

The immense cultural and historical wealth and unspoiled nature, guarantee a bright future ahead of this insular municipality. Nerežišća is a must-see tourist destination with a wide range of services and it is a desirable place to live.

In Nerežišća, the development of medicine and exclusive tourism is very important. Nerežišća is a part of praiseworthy health tourism project.
The project involves the construction of four specialized surgery clinics, the internal clinics for women and children with developmental disabilities with the corresponding diagnostic center, whereas at the guests’ disposition, there will be two water fun parks for children, as well as wellness and spa facilities.It is expected that the project will start operating in three to four years, and will be maintained throughout the year, which would be the first example of year-round tourism on Dalmatian coast.

Another major project is the development of exclusive tourism – the construction of hotel complexes, villas, marina, sports facilities and numerous other attractions. In addition to the expansion and improvement of Nerežišća’s tourist offer, the goal of the project is to retain the population, and even to encourage the return of the emigrants.

The island of Brac has two distinct areas: coast and inland. Discover it, summer or winter, in all season Brac is beautiful.

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