Game of Thrones Split and Šibenik

The show was filmed at several locations on the Croatian coast. My clients prefer this historical flight.

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Croatia was chosen as a crucial filming location for the fourth season of the show, and its architecture and monuments speak about the past.

Fortified walls and ancient architecture, Šibenik is protected by four fortresses on each of its side: the Fortress of St. Nicholas, St. Michael, St. John and the Šubićevac Fortress.  Šibenik is known as The King’s City,  it was the court of Croatian King Krešimir the 4th in the 11th century.

You will see Split and its surrounding area, Klis fortress, Solin, Kaštela…Diocletian’s Palace – the ancient basement of Diocletian’s Palace hosted Daenerys’s throne room, the streets of Split have also hosted the Slave Rebellion. You will see Klis medival fortress situated above a village bearing the same name, near the city of Split. Klis fortress was built by the ancient Illyrian tribe Dalmatae, becoming a royal castle that was the seat of many Croatian kings. Klis Fortress has guarded the frontier, being lost and re-conquered several times throughout its more than two thousand years long history.

Kliss Fortress is a majestic historical site which played the city of Meereen.

Salona – Solin, the Roman ruins of Salona. Salona was settled by the Greeks and Illyrians, but most aggressively developed by the Romans. During the reign of Emperor Augustus, Salona became the center of the Roman Empire’s province of Dalmatia.

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