Fairy tale about Dol

Croatia is a mysterious and beautiful country. So many unexplored areas, beautiful nature, cultural heritage, it is Croatia. When you decide to come, you will not regret. Dalmatia, Istria, Slavonia, everything has a certain something.

Dalmatian islands are beautiful. When you come on the island of Brac, you will fall in love with Dol. Dol is a fairy tale with its architecture, herbs, nature, stone streets, roofs, attics and houses raised in terraces along the mountain. The people are friendly and particular.

About one hundred people live in Dol and they are all as one. They don`t recognize a word ” I can`t, I will not” because, they take care of each other. Dol is a small village in the Postire hinterland. It has nested next to forest and autochthonous, ragged stone the color of honey. It is known as “hrapoćuša”. Dol is made of this stone which is found in walls, houses and caves.

Inhabitants live in a harmony and there, you will not see a lot of tourists. Harmony is a strength of people. They prefer a peace and they don`t want to ruin this beauty. The streets are clean and if its inhabitants see some paper on the street, they will clean it immediately. This is a protected eco-ethno village. When someone comes in Dol, it seems to him like fairy tale.

People create their life. Some of them came from America to spend their life here. There are a little cultivated land but their inhabitants are hardworking people. The people are producing food in old natural way. You can find there a customs from the past, tasty natural food and drinks, fish dishes and very special cakes.

In the summer, inhabitants celebrate a big local feast in honor of the Dol Cake which is made of one kilogram of nuts and it looks like the autochthonous stone from Dol.

Enjoy Brac and village of Dol.

Nice, isn`t it?

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