Diving Paradise Zadar

Welcome to Diver’s Paradise

DIVER’S PARADISE, offers you all diving possibilities, such as escorted dives for certified divers.
Newly certified? Been away from diving for a while? Feeling rusty or jittery? Build your confidence with our Special Guide Service. Your own in-water dive master and buddy introduces you to drift diving at a relaxed pace. No pressure to “keep up” with the group.

Diving on the island of Ugljan, Pašman, Kornati, this is something you have to try.

Last summer was very nice and the weather was beautiful, and the number of divings was beyond our expectations. I hope it will be the same this year and you are welcome.

The beautiful walls are full of different kind of fish, gorgonians, sponges. The trees of gorgonians and interesting sea sponges decorate their surfaces, while their numerous holes are hiding morays and lobsters. Because of such morphology of the walls and remarkably clear sea, this natural shelter is attracting also big swarms of various species of fish.

There you can meet lobster, moray, the unique red corals or the underwater caves or holes. Everything is very admirable because the sea is clear and so clean. The summer temperature of the sea ( approximately 23 º C ) and its transparency.

From 9 – 13.30 (14.00) or more.

We invite you to visit and to dive with us.
Enjoy your vacations, scuba diving.

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