Amazing acrobatic flight

‘Tricks and stuff’ in the sky. The correct term is ‘aerobatic’ which is simply a word mash of ‘aerial’ and ‘acrobatic.  The more extreme maneuvers such as spins, rolls, loops and more.

I love it and I want to share with you my passion. Rise to the heights of 1000 meters together with the pilot and start a breathtaking aerobatic program.
Unique experience awaits you! We guarantee loads of adrenaline and eye catching views.

If you are looking for an aerial experience on a higher level, acrobatic flying Croatia is the right experience for you, although it might make you a tad dizzy…

The engines start and we are ready for takeoff! Up there you will enjoy an acrobatic flight  Croatia with all those sharp maneuvers, supine flying, nosedives, tailspins and other tricks, that look so risky from the ground. And you will get to know what they´re like when you´re a part of this acrobatic stunt.
In the acrobatic aircraft, there’s space for just two people, you and the pilot – so your fear has to stay on the ground, sorry man!

Feel the power overloads equal to Maserati. Pitts, S2S – Maserati in Sky Blue is ready!

So, are you flying with us?

Reservation: [email protected]