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Hotel Lemongarden

You will fell in love with the fishing village of Sutivan and hotel Lemongarden on the island of Brac. It is a fascination that you can’t escape.

The unparalleled charm of the over 300 year old stone houses, the tranquility and serenity of the people, the special power of this beautiful spot – there is a special magic here.

The charming Boutique Hotel Lemongarden consists of three houses, which form a harmonious unit. The first house, Ilić Dvor, was carefully restored under the watchful eye of the historic preservation office. Two other houses were then added: Definis Dvor and Vesna.

These houses are protected as historical monuments and are over 300 years old.

The stones of the houses are wonderfully cool in summer and give off warmth when it’s cool outside. Materials from Brac and the best craftsmen in the region have breathed new life into these wonderful, old stone houses. „Do not build in a picturesque manner. Leave such effects to the walls, the mountains, and the sun …“, said Adolf Loos.

Hotel Lemongarden, it is a jewel that shines with the fire of the south. With its houses and gardens, Hotel Lemongarden resembles an enclave without being completely isolated. Rather, it is integrated into the enchanting fishing village of Sutivan and its nature, which still plays a leading role here.

The heritage Hotel Lemongarden with 12 Rooms, 23 Suites & 4 Studios will be a refuge of well-being and enjoyment for guests. The restaurant with bakery and patisserie, lounge bar, and beach bar – everything is arranged so that you can enjoy each day of your stay to the fullest.

Planting is like painting a landscape with living things. This is exactly what the gardens that surround the magnificent buildings are: a painting made of roses, bougainvillea, hibiscuses, palms, and hundreds of fragrant lemon trees. Nature is both an eye-catcher and calming influence. In this idyllic oasis is also a large outdoor pool, which invites you to relax and enjoy yourself. If you prefer to be by the sea, an exclusive private beach in a pine forest is awaiting you only 10 min. from the hotel.

Everything is tailored to the most exclusive gift there is: quality time for oneself. Whether travelling alone, with friends or with a partner – you’ve come to the right place to celebrate the finest aspects of life.

Hotel Lemongarden with its 300 year old stone houses is a hideaway, in the most beautiful sense of the word.

Delicious evening meal by romantic candlelight, a fine complementing wine and maybe a glass of champagne beforehand? Does it sound like a dream to you? Excellent, because that is exactly what you will be able to enjoy, in peace and quiet, because the Heritage Hotel Lemongarden is an adults only hotel. Or almost, since children from the age of 14 are very welcome as well.

The new season starts on April 28, 2021.

The light casts gentle shadows. While you are unwinding in the relaxation room, let you gaze wander to the window. There is something contemplative about the view. A light wind blows through the trees. The peace and quiet will do you good. The garden is a peaceful place and it bestows strength.

In beautiful wellness pavilion, absolutely everything is geared towards relaxation. Even the color scheme sets the tone: yellow that inspires. Turquoise blue that calms. A piece of the sky and the sea.

If you prefer something exclusively, a wellness pavilion and private spa is for you. On around 100 m², you will find everything that makes wellness a pure enjoyment. There is a Finnish sauna made of cedar with light therapy. In the steam bath, you can experience a soothing combination of light and aroma therapy with lavender, lemon, lime, and orchid fragrances. With a rain dance, Ayurveda, and flood shower setting, the two spa showers will cater to your individual needs.

You can choose between: Superior Double Rooms, Deluxe Suites and Maisonette with sea view, Luxury Suites and Maisonette with sea view, Small Superior Rooms, Deluxe Suites and Maisonette, Luxury Suites and Maisonette.

We’ll help you to enjoy this beautiful heritage hotel.

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