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Castle Jankovic

Accommodation with four stars castle and mornings with a fine homemade breakfast.

Each place hides its secrets associated with inns or taverns. The story begins. In 1765, on the Suhopolje estate, there was a brick inn with a vaulted cellar, which still keeps the secrets of that period. As “Suho polje” was a small island in a wetland, after drying it became a great economic treasure for the fruit manor. Proof of this is the relocation of the administration five years later to today’s Suhopolje.

The Janković family is a key element in creating the cultural heritage and history of Suhopolje.

You can choose: double room standard, double room superior, double room de luxe.

Located in Suhopolje, Castle Janković has free WiFi, and guests can enjoy a bar, a shared lounge and a garden.

All units come with a seating area, a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a private bathroom with a hairdryer and shower. Some units have a balcony and/or a terrace with garden views.

A continental breakfast is available each morning.

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  • Doručak
  • Klima uređaj
  • Mini bar
  • Parking
  • Satelitska TV
  • Sef
  • Wi-Fi


cycling, bird watching, tailor made excursion





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Suhopolje is located in the central part of the Virovitica. The long tradition of agricultural activities and the natural richness of the forest area, Suhopolje has an enormous potential for the development of rural tourism.

The parish of Suhopolje was founded in 1802. The founding of the parish was promoted by Count Ivan Nepomuk Jankovich de Pribert. The boundaries of the parish of Suhopolje were changed several times.

The parish church of Saint Teresa of Avila was built in the center of the town. The construction commenced in 1807 on the orders of Count Janković, and the dedication was made in 1821 by the bishop of Zagreb, Maksimilijan Vrhovec. The church is a prominent example of architecture from the era of classicism in Croatia. The church is the central structure of the ground plan. The sanctuary, the porch and the chapel are rectangular. On the main altar there is a picture of Saint Teresa of Avila, made in 1814.

Six wooden candlesticks on the main altar are a rare type of classically designed candlesticks in Croatia. The flank walls of the sanctuary are decorated by the paintings of Our Lady of Sorrows and the Holy Trinity.

The village of Suhopolje (Terezovac) was built in the mid-18th century. century. The manor house was erected in 1750.Saint Teresa of Avila, a virgin and a church teacher, was born in Avila, Spain, in 1515. She freely and consciously entered the monastery, and was very fond of knowledge. All the time she was reading new books. She was a thoughtful, determined and serious nun.

In Suhopolje you can spent a night in a beautiful Castle of Jankovic.

Slavonia is a land of legends, with its myths and secrets proudly passed down through the generations.

Sports & nature

Sports & natureKopački rit Nature Park, also called the European Amazon, is situated in the central part of the Danube floodplain, between two important European rivers, the Drava and the Danube. It became a protected area in 1967. The river itself is powerful and majestic. Due to its many fields of gold, Eastern Croatia is nicknamed the breadbasket of Croatia. For centuries it was the richest part of the country.

Nightlife info

Nightlife infoNice restaurants with delicious Slavonian food. The spicy local dishes such as čobanac (stew) or fiš paprikaš (fish soup).

Culture and history info

Culture and history infoSlavonia is a land of legends, with its myths and secrets proudly passed down through the generations. Festivals, traditional dresses and the popular local music.

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