Do you wish something other than the usual tourist routes, something hidden?

We will discover it together.

We are going on the island of Hvar and it is a story about Humac. There are many old deserted villages on the island of Hvar. Humac, small village on Hvar-Croatia, it is eco-village. Some of the houses are old more than 300 years. Some of them have ground floor and others ground  and first floor. It is not possible to build there because it would disrupt the autochthonous harmony. It is in fields of lavander and with 350 metres above sea level, it keeps watch over the island of Brač, fields and sea.

Humac,  it is a hidden part of the island of Hvar.

Houses have characteristic construction. In the past, families had three houses. One was a tavern, the other was for sleeping while the third was for the animals. The house had a simple furniture and the most of them have remained to present day. The village still doesn`t have electricity or running water. Some of houses are provided with solar panels. All of them have subterranean wells, in the hard rock which preserves the water and maintains its freshness. Rainwater drains into wells through stone gutters.

Humac village has a church and one Mass is served a year. The Mass is held on June 26, the feast day of St. John and St. Paul and many people come to celebrate the feast. People enjoy the food,music, songs….You can taste traditional specialties;  lamb, veal under the baking lid, prosciutto, eco-vegetables and fruit, grilled dishes…

Humac village is not completely abandoned.

If you want to discover hidden Hvar and Croatia, beautiful eco-village of Humac is waiting for you.

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